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The Real Mad Decent EP

by Real Mad Decent

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released March 21, 2012

Recorded at EarArt Studios, Delta BC



all rights reserved


REAL MAD DECENT Burnaby, British Columbia

Zac McMillan

Nik Dagsvik

Mitchell Santaga

Marco Di Spirito

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Track Name: Nothing to Prove
I've got alot of family lotsa people that i love
I've had so many people open up their doors to me
if there was a heaven i would thank the man above
i find myself complaining but I got no reason to be

feels so good i've got nothing to prove
the cold is in my bones, i'll be seeing you real soon

I find myself surrounded by the people that i love
the music is a changing but we're still the same four peeps
a little Coheed little metal drummin technicalities
don't think he realize that those some hip hop beats.

feels so good i got nothing to prove
the cold is in my bones i'll be seeing you real soon

Mickey tops half chub dead president
kid savant and tag windows all up in my head

we're very pleased to meet you we are Mad Decent
Track Name: Smoker's Lungs
She may be out of reach but not for long hopefully she see's me
we hit it off take her home when im done she found out
I got smokers lungs
she doesnt want anything to do with she's sick of it
tired were broke no more censorship
no more smokers cough had enough broke the rules and i got caught
never broke a bone in my body and if i did they'd be shattered
and if i give you my body dont be flattered cause im tryin now
its not nice its not good i feel bad or at least i should

but i dont but i dont but i just don't

and if there's one thing you should know
i got it under control

A funny way to tell me the situations out of hand
nothin i can do but wait
no more simlpe times harmless crimes it doesnt matter where we are
got plenty to say but im running out of rhymes
wont stop no hero cop no voice of authority gonna make me change my mind.
cause its made up its not real the single life is lazy and it makes me crazy

but its not but its not but its just not

if theres one thing you should know, i got it under control

A little materialistic i guess im my moms son
still i know the difference between needs and whats fun
i know for damn sure i dont need ten big screens
i know for damn sure that the world aint how it seems
im a lucky mother fucker and i wont forget this
but when it comes to music, im a little bit relentless

she's my girl my love my smokers lungs
Track Name: Roll Up
let's roll up some inspiration
the kick kick drum six string to the bass then
here it comes my mind starts pacing
then i breathe out my world from this basement

lord knows im trying, but i'm a little short on timing
hangin' by a thread string, she knows i got nothing to bring

let him roll up some information
don't forget to excercise patience
ain't no rush no line to get some
a wise old man with liquor in his system


she knows, lord that i'm trying


now she's gone
Track Name: What For
Just another stepping stone
fuck the sticks i turned to bricking them bones
whatchu whatchu waiting for
i dont know i dont know but i come back for more

I've been trying i've been giving it my all
I been lieing and i dont know what for
i been out on my own

Just another spark and stain
i'm fuckin sick of feigning feelin your pain
watch you watch you watch you play these games
said im done said im done every day is the same

I've been trying i've been giving it my all
I been lieing and i dont know what for
i been out on my own

I dont know what for

I've been trying i've been giving it my all
I been lieing and i dont know what for
i been out on my own
Track Name: Fine Tuned Presentable Magic Show
like Lu said bein' poor teach you how to hustle
i grew up a little poor without too much struggle
but it was pops who taught me how to keep humble
and although i try i feel sometimes i stumble

i know, i know, i know

i know that i talk like i've got answers, i've got answers son,
i know that i walk like i don't need manners, i don't need manners son,
i know that I ain't no G, that's why like Lupe i aspire to be

i know it's hard looking out from the in
so hard to draw the line between my morals and sins
hard to learn the lesson that it's not always who wins
it's more what you hold what's deep within


no dead presidents to spend

i know it's for sure, i know she wants more